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  • Ollie
  • 2016/05/08 12:23
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  • Thanks, Bikalpa. A very tantalising glimpse – did you take any more? I’d be partciularly interested in more from the higher parts around the Larkya La as I have plenty of my own from the Budhi Gandaki. [url=]ikfotl[/url] [link=]nigmuscifmw[/link]
  • Fanni
  • 2016/05/06 22:32
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  • “vile apartheid theg2uryg21; nailed it. Jessie thank you for telling this story and trying to maintain your humanity. So important. The brutality described in detailThe slave labor in Jerusalem went from being done by Palestinians to people from the Phillipines to those from Africa. All the signs of apartheid are rampant in Israel.

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